Top 5 Brands to Buy Suits in India

Today, be it men or women, everyone wants to look their best all the time. With a variety of dress options available for men, suits are amongst the most popular choices which can make any men look perfect and ravishing. The best thing about these suits is they can be worn on different occasions be it formal, informal, official or personal ones.

Top Suit Brands for Men

With the variety of brands available in India, it often becomes difficult for individuals to make the right choice of brand. However to help people make the right choice, and enhance their personality with the best ones we have brought forth some of them to have a look at. You can also look at jackets for men on Gofynd if you don’t consider yourself wearing suits. 


Raymond is amongst the well-known brands that have gained quite a lot of popularity in the section of men suits. The suits brought forth by the brand are standardized, rich in color, and also have sharp fits to suit the personality of different men. Moreover, these suits are also available in both contemporary and modern styles to fit in to the expectations of traditional and modern men. Once you are with this brand, you can rest assured that you will have the best suits to wear on your body. Find more details here.


Lee is an American brand which started gaining popularity with its high quality denim jeans. But within no time, the company ventured into the section of men suits and gained good name for providing men with stylish and well fitted suits. Lee suits are just the best choice for men who are looking for latest and modern suits for themselves. This particular brand is just the right choice for young and teenage men, who have welcoming attitude for new fashion sense and styles in the market.

John Miller

With immense competition existing in the market, for any brand to achieve success they must have an extra edge. This is what John Miller has worked on and has made great efforts to provide its customers with different yet stylish clothing options. For men looking for corporate suits and accessories, this brand is one of the best ones to choose from. With men suits from this brand on your body, every man is bound to look confident amongst group of people. Apart from corporate suits, the company has also lately introduced relaxed office wear for experiencing comfort on some days of the week.

Park Avenue

This is one of the oldest brands which have been a part of market since a long period of time. The men looking for corporate, formal, or informal suit can get it here. The company has subtle and traditional suit options for every man to make choice from and look their best every day. The individuals looking forward for some good options can try shopping from this brand to get the best outfit for themselves.


Surprisingly, every Indian man is aware of the brand Romano. This brand is all about customers, which ensure to serve its customers according to their expectations. Men looking for modern and contemporary suits in the market must give a try to shop with this brand. It has the largest collection of men’s suits that have been crafted in different styles, fits, and cuts to go with different men and their tastes.

The Bottom Line

Above mentioned are some of the most popular men suit brands available in India, which can be tried while purchasing suits for different occasions. However, before you pick any of the brand for your purchase don’t miss to check immense variety available with the company and finalize the one which suits your taste and style the best.

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Details Details Details, or, How I Do Not Care for a Certain Sacred Cow

What Doesn’t Work With George Stevens, Shane, The Boys From Brazil and  Blue Velvet.

I doubt that anyone would disagree that details make or break a movie. Films are on average only ninety minutes long, so anything that happens in the course of those minutes cannot possibly be minor. There are a finite number of shots, unlike in say, television, and they all tend to mean something. As may become a bad habit in this particular forum, I’ll give examples of small details that change a whole film for me. Because truly, nothing is too small to deeply, deeply annoy you.

First, the (shudder) Blogosphere has been lighting up in its intensely hermetic and compartmentalized way over Raymond De Felitta’s attempt to rehabilitate the career of one George Stevens, director of such films as Giant, Woman of the Year and A Place in the Sun.

De Felitta, who is himself a director, having been the man behind the film City Island with Andy Garcia, has a multiple part deconstruction of various scenes throughout Stevens’ filmography and is attempting to show, step by step, why this man deserves his own place in the canon.

Alright, fine, what does that have to do with the first paragraph? Well, I have an issue with one of this Great Man’s films that I simply can’t do away with. When I mention what it is, the great face of the film criticism Gods will turn away in shame (No, Mr. Farber, come back, I swear I’ll be good…).

I cannot watch that classic of all classic Westerns, Shane. Shane makes me want to go and jump from a tall, tall place, and I’m sorry, I cannot help it. To be more precise, Brandon De Wilde does. Brandon De Wilde, who plays the small child Joey, who follows the titular Shane like a whipped dog, makes the movie literally unwatchable for me. Every time I try and watch this movie all the way through, Mr. De Wilde stops me dead in my tracks. It’s one word, the again titular Shane. The boy seems completely unable to say that word without making me just fall right off the rails. I can’t even get thirty minutes in. Because De Wilde says it at the end of practically every sentence that he speaks. Even when Shane isn’t in the room. It’s like he knows he’s hurting me, and likes it. This, by the way, isn’t true for all of his roles. De Wilde got older, and he is one of the best things in the incredible modern western Hud, which if you haven’t seen, see it now. It is just this role that puts the man into my pantheon of unwatchable child actors.

On to the next nitpick that drives me absolutely bughouse nuts. Have any of you out there ever seen The Boys from Brazil? The original Nazi Clone movie, this film stars Laurence Olivier and Gregory Peck as a Polish nazi hunter and Joseph Mengele respectively in a desperate race to see if Olivier will be able to stop Peck from creating a clone Hitler. I mean, as premises go, that’s a great one. Frankly, if people have to remake something, I would put The Boys from Brazil at the top of the list, but… yes, there’s a flaw in this work that means I can never get fully behind it.

To be fair, the problem is not one original to the film itself. It is, in fact, a basic Hollywood storytelling expediency that is taken to the point of parody during the course of this picture. I mean, I would be shocked if anyone reading this never saw a movie set in another country where everyone spoke English in varying degrees of the appropriate accent. Heck, Audrey Hepburn made a career out of having an accent that no one could identify, and therefore stood in for whatever country they would set the film in.

Boys from Brazil takes this standard trope and runs it into the ground. There are many instances where the disconnect bothers me, but there is one sequence that blows my mind. The Polish Nazi hunter who lives in Israel is being told a story by an American Student about a conversation he overheard in Brazil involving a series of Nazi expatriates. There are about eight language barriers being crossed in one scene in one leap of faith that is given no comment. And that was when my incredulity broke. And I know, expecting Laurence Olivier to speak Polish, or Yiddish or Hebrew fluently is about as ridiculous as thinking that Gregory Peck would break out in perfect conversational German, but this is my list, so I will make my own rules.

Shane Movie Poster
Shane Movie Poster

Finally, why don’t I get to something positive, Blue Velvet, if that’s alright. Many people revere David Lynch in a way that borders on the cult-like. I, frankly, do not. I personally feel that his movies often fail under the weight of their own artifice. This is not the common opinion, yes, but it is mine. Blue Velvet though, for me as for many others, is his masterpiece, the one that holds together as more than a collection of oddities.

This, frankly, is not all David Lynch’s fault. Like, say, Robert Rossen’s original All the King’s Men, Blue Velvet is all about one performance dragging the film forward out of whatever snags of dialogue or acting get in the way. In All the King’s Men, it is Broderick Crawford as Willie Stark; in Blue Velvet, Dennis Hopper as Frank Booth. When those characters are not on screen, the movie slows to a crawl.

The detail that always fascinated me, that David Lynch’s style of filmmaking allows for, is the fact that three of the leads share physical characteristics. Dennis Hopper, Kyle Maclachlan and Laura Dern all have the same chin and nose. In a movie obsessed with paternity, with one father in the hospital, and one father stolen and mutilated, the resemblance seems important, making the Dennis Hopper character actually seem like the father of the two leads, who are in fact romantically entangled.

This always made the ending seem to me, even before the famous end sequence of a bird with a beetle in its mouth, dark and twisted, and that the Maclachlan character had simply learned to cover his real emotions with a veneer underneath which the horrors of Frank Booth still lurked. This is my point. A good detail can spin a film in a whole new direction, while a bad detail simply distracts from whatever was there in the first place.

Blue Velvet Movie Poster
Blue Velvet Movie Poster

[Photos Via: CinemaRetro; YahooMovies; MoviePosters]…

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Still Love by Kevin Sampsell, From This Is Between Us

Empty Hospital RoomI told you that I still loved all my past girlfriends.

“How many is that?” you asked.

“Well, probably not all of them,” I said. “But five or six for sure.”

You turned your eyes from me and I could see your shoulders drop.

I tried to explain it further. “Love is fluid, I think. It doesn’t follow timelines. Once it starts, it doesn’t end or anything. I mean, it might stop growing but maybe it just buries itself inside of you when a relationship ends. So, like, you can dig it up again if you want to. All of those exes contributed in different ways to make me who I am now. Same with you and your ex-boyfriends. If you never went out with John, you would have never learned to like cool music.”

“I’ll always love John for that,” you said. “But can’t you just be thankful?”

“That’s part of the love,” I said.

“I always think about who will be at my bedside when I’m dying,” you said. “What if all of my ex-boyfriends were there?”

I wasn’t sure what to think about that. “Are they nice?” I finally asked. “I mean, do you love them?”

“I did,” you said.

“But what’s the point of that? The hospital room can only fit so many people. Are they all going to huddle around me and try to hold my hand? I’m claustrophobic. Besides, that’s what the funeral is for.”

“So you just want me there?” I asked.

You answered back quickly. “I don’t want anyone else to see me die. It will be our own private moment.”

Kevin Sampsell, Portland

Kevin Sampsell, Portland

Kevin Sampsell is a writer and small press publisher living in Portland, Oregon. He is the editor of Portland Noir (Akashic Books) and author of the memoir, A Common Pornography (Harper Perennial).

This piece is one of two fictional excerpts (to be published separately on Smalldoggies) that are part of a novel in progress called This Is Between Us.…

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Recommended Reading List April 2011

Wednesday, April 6, 2011
First Wednesday Reading: Blackbird Wine & Atomic Cheese (503-282-1887). 4323 NE Fremont.
This month’s readers at Blackbird Wine Shop are Oregon Book Award finalist Bette Husted, Dorothy Brunsman poetry prizewinner Robert Hill Long, poet and Scottish-Gaelic music performer Carter McKenzie, and translator and novelist Anita Sullivan.

Thursday, April 7, 2011
Lineage: Oregon Poets Reflect on American Poetry Since 1950. The Cleaners at the Ace Hotel: 403 SW 10th. Five poets read and recap events of the poetry world over the last six decades. Authors include David Biespiel (founder of the Attic Institute), Donna Henderson, Henry Hughes, Jennifer Richter, Zachary Schomburg, and Crystal Williams.

Thursday, April 14, 2011
Smalldoggies PDX008 / THE GLOBE
Hosted by Matty Byloos & Carrie Seitzinger.
Featuring writers: Derrick Brown, Frances Dinger and Rob Noble. Musical Guests: to be announced.
The Globe, 2054 SE Belmont St, Portland, OR 97214. 7:45pm. Free event, $3 donation suggested.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011
If Not For Kidnap Reading Series Event (readers to be announced soon…)
As usual, the last Tuesday evening of the month is the night of splendor in the Southeast for writers, poets and musicians who grace the living room of Donald Dunbar and Jamalieh Haley. 3968 SE Mall St., Apt A, Portland, OR 97202. Free, 8pm. Visit INFK website for details.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011
Verse in Person: Poetry Readings; Fourth Wednesday of every month, 6:30-8 p.m.
Multnomah County Library (503.988.5560); 2300 NW Thurman St.
Selected Oregon poets read from their works.

(Listings courtesy: Willamette Week, Portland Mercury, Powell’s)…

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Hop on the ugly sweater train

They are all the rage, ugly Christmas sweaters that is.

Seriously.. people have parties devoted to them, it is serious business. I would totally go to one, I just need an invite *hint hint people*.

I decided to show you all some of the funniest ugly sweaters courtesy of the great WWW.


  1. Thanks to icustomfit on Etsy you can wear this awesome “Hotline Bling” sweater featuring Canada’s very own Drakes awesome sauce dance moves. It is only $15 CAD (plus taxes and shipping)
  2. For the crazy cat lady (or gentleman) my I suggest this amazing “Catzilla” sweater from I laughed way to hard when I saw this one. At $59.99 it is a pretty steep price to pay for an ugly sweater, but it’s hilarity is worth it.
  3. I can’t say this sweater is as ugly as it is AWESOME.. I mean who wouldn’t want to wear a He-Man and She-Ra sweater for Christmas??  You can snag your very own over at and it will run ya from $35-$41 plus taxes and shipping.


Fall Fashions 2011

It’s that time of year again, pumpkin spice season.. I mean fall.  Yes fall is among us and that means it’s time to put away the cute little sundresses and flip flops and bust out the jeans, over sized sweaters and scarves.

I have been looking at the trends for fall (for real life..not runway) and it seems to be much of the same as previous years.  If you are looking for something casual and cozy then reach for a pair of skinny jeans or leggings and pair them with an over sized sweater. Add some chunky booties a printed scarf and your favorite bangles and you have a no fail stylish ensemble.



Looking for something with a little more flare? Take those same skinny jeans and pair with a white v-neck t-shirt and add some attitude with a leather (or pleather) jacket and some “I mean business” boots. Don’t forget to add your favourite accessories like a statement purse or clutch and you are ready to go.



If you are looking for something a little more fancy look no further than a simple long sleeve wrap style dress. This style flatters all shapes and sizes and is easily dressed up (or down) with the right accessories. For a special event pair the dress with a cute pair of strappy heels and a beautiful necklace and you are all set.


Fashion really is in the eye of the beholder. What I think is a perfect outfit may be completely hideous to you. Just remember to have FUN with your clothes. Try to not get so overwhelmed by all of the choices and the “latest and greatest”. Once you have the basics covered you can mix and match to create entirely new looks every day.

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You Think I Care? | Small Doggies Magazine

How Does One Achieve the Perfect Level of Uncaring?
It may seem easy on paper (or on screen—and take note, I’m only humoring you horrible sticklers for the literal to further emphasize how caring about shit is fucking stupid), but in practice, this is quite possibly the most complicated and involved aspect of one’s style. This is not something to slough off at the end of the day—relegated to mingle with your girlfriend’s jeans and your crisp, shiny white belt as they lay twisted and shunned like our generation’s convictions. This shit must permeate your very existence. This is sub-dermal—just below the viscera, nestled in the lumpy, viscous, gelatinous goo of your being. This is something you can’t take off.Seems easy, right? Wrong bitches!

You Knew It All Along. In Your Cat Self.

Yeah, I spent my month’s rent at American Apparel to buy a bag full of shit that looks like it was stolen from the set of a Huey Lewis music video but it’s no big thing. I only shop there cause it’s two blocks from my apartment. I just throw this shit on in the dark when I wake up at noon, hung over from ironically pounding mojito’s (I mean, come on … who really drinks that shit?) and 13 Pabst Blue Ribbons at some back-alley dive bar, in my Ikea-by-way-of-thrift-store outfitted studio apartment.

Scotty Suicide Further Unpacks the Concept of the Aloof Hipster

Scotty Suicide is the Trend Humper
Scotty Suicide is the Trend Humper

There is still nothing down there.

Convincing, yes? But, dear friends, truth is, you must care. You must carefully assemble your nonchalance. There’s a delicate balance between looking like you don’t give a shit and looking like a filthy disease bag. The goal is to teeter on the edge—draw the attention of those around you who may, initially, glance over with contempt searing their eyes as they suck in a stuttered breath, careful not to breath the same air as you: some grubby hobo-looking blight on the property value of this or that trendy neighborhood—only to realize, hey, he looks like a festering pile of shit but there’s something there in his gait, his demeanor, his candor that is too carefree to suggest chronic alcoholism or homelessness.

Also, if I’m not mistaken, those hermetically sealed pants were just featured on an episode of I’m cooler than you. Ya see, even if you were butt ass naked, you still need to be a veritable black-hole of uncaring.

Yeah, I’m nakes … but whatevs…

You gotta wear it in the eyes—or slathered across an ennui-slackened countenance. Your goddamn nuts could suddenly explode and you would have to keep strolling along, unfazed.

Fucking nuts. Fuck those things anyway, just hanging there all wrinkly and dumb.

Scotty Suicide is the Trend Humper

I So Dont Whatevs Enough to Whatevs.

This, my friends, is your most essential accessory (not the nuts) — an all encompassing and somewhat abrasive aloofness. Shit!

Scotty Suicide is the Trend Humper

Baby Smokers. Double soft-headed whatevs.

With practice, one day you’ll change your ring tone to the sound of someone shrugging—your views on war and oil spills and politics will all be condensed into one, barely perceptible roll of the eyes—you’ll tow your Prius behind your Hummer tossing Taco Bell wrappers into the wind, smoking Organic American Spirits with a baby in the passenger seat—the people around you will bleed together, melding like rain-soaked clay into one gigantic heap of suddenly apparent mediocrity. But all this is good. You know why? Cause people suck.

This is anti-posturing—a detached hubris bordering on the comatose. One step above dead. People should fear your vapid stare—as though they were gazing into the abyss—nearly touching a cosmic unknown—an emptiness so expansive it threatens to swallow all those caught in its darkened wake. Allow me to illustrate with a hypothetical interaction between the callously aloof and your run of the mill mall-going idiot.

Scotty Suicide is the Trend Humper

My eyes just imperceptibly shifted. But who cares.

Idiot: “Hey man.”

Callously Aloof: “(nearly imperceptible shifting of the eyes)”

Idiot: “Wha’cha doing?”

Callously Aloof: “(shrugs)”

Idiot: “You going to that party tonight?”

Callously Aloof: “(heavy exhale—as though this interaction is completely exhausting—followed by the slowest blink imaginable—also, absently cleaning the nails or chewing on cuticles is acceptable)”

Idiot: “Uh… cool. You hungry? Wanna get some food or something?”

Callously Aloof: “(if it’s possible, now is when you should fall asleep)”

If the person speaking to you doesn’t implode at that point, you’re doing something wrong.

So there you have it. I hope you’ve learned something. Or not. Don’t care.

Scotty Suicide is the Trend Humper
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