About Us

Smalldoggies Magazine. What’s in a Name?

Many of you will undoubtedly ask the question, where the heck did Smalldoggies come from anyway? Here is the answer, in a perhaps-unsatisfying way:

I used to work with a dude who could employ hyperbole like nobody’s business. One time at work he mentioned that he used to cut his own hair with a set of clippers. He prattled on about how the clippers he knew back in his day were much better machines than the flimsy plastic contraptions he would see around malls and drugstores nowadays. To allow his audience to fully understand his point, he illustrated the clipper’s strength thusly: “Back in my day, the clippers we’d use were so powerful, you could shave the hair off three or four small dogs. And then still give yourself a top shelf haircut.”

Not a day has gone by since that conversation, and this is years, mind you, when the thought of that entirely bizarre breakdown hasn’t crossed my mind.

And then Smalldoggies was born… So I guess I have Pete Gremote to thank. Or blame.

Who We Are: Writers, Artists, Thinkers

That’s pretty much it, in a nutshell. This is a home for writers and readers, a place to exchange ideas and to cultivate dialogue about whatever is going on in contemporary culture. Sometimes this is straightforward, sometimes that conversation will be jumpstarted through satire. If you feel that you want to join this conversation, consider starting with comments on posts you really respond to. Then consider submitting a review, or a feature article or interview.

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Drop Us a Line: Engaging Smalldoggies

We actually want to hear from you. The best thing to do, of course, is to dialogue directly on the site in the comments section of any post. All writers are encouraged to read and respond to commentary left on their articles, and when authors or writers publish creative work on Smalldoggies, they are required to leave a link to their websites where you can find out more.

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