Top 5 Brands to Buy Suits in India

Today, be it men or women, everyone wants to look their best all the time. With a variety of dress options available for men, suits are amongst the most popular choices which can make any men look perfect and ravishing. The best thing about these suits is they can be worn on different occasions be it formal, informal, official or personal ones.

Top Suit Brands for Men

With the variety of brands available in India, it often becomes difficult for individuals to make the right choice of brand. However to help people make the right choice, and enhance their personality with the best ones we have brought forth some of them to have a look at. You can also look at jackets for men on Gofynd if you don’t consider yourself wearing suits. 


Raymond is amongst the well-known brands that have gained quite a lot of popularity in the section of men suits. The suits brought forth by the brand are standardized, rich in color, and also have sharp fits to suit the personality of different men. Moreover, these suits are also available in both contemporary and modern styles to fit in to the expectations of traditional and modern men. Once you are with this brand, you can rest assured that you will have the best suits to wear on your body. Find more details here.


Lee is an American brand which started gaining popularity with its high quality denim jeans. But within no time, the company ventured into the section of men suits and gained good name for providing men with stylish and well fitted suits. Lee suits are just the best choice for men who are looking for latest and modern suits for themselves. This particular brand is just the right choice for young and teenage men, who have welcoming attitude for new fashion sense and styles in the market.

John Miller

With immense competition existing in the market, for any brand to achieve success they must have an extra edge. This is what John Miller has worked on and has made great efforts to provide its customers with different yet stylish clothing options. For men looking for corporate suits and accessories, this brand is one of the best ones to choose from. With men suits from this brand on your body, every man is bound to look confident amongst group of people. Apart from corporate suits, the company has also lately introduced relaxed office wear for experiencing comfort on some days of the week.

Park Avenue

This is one of the oldest brands which have been a part of market since a long period of time. The men looking for corporate, formal, or informal suit can get it here. The company has subtle and traditional suit options for every man to make choice from and look their best every day. The individuals looking forward for some good options can try shopping from this brand to get the best outfit for themselves.


Surprisingly, every Indian man is aware of the brand Romano. This brand is all about customers, which ensure to serve its customers according to their expectations. Men looking for modern and contemporary suits in the market must give a try to shop with this brand. It has the largest collection of men’s suits that have been crafted in different styles, fits, and cuts to go with different men and their tastes.

The Bottom Line

Above mentioned are some of the most popular men suit brands available in India, which can be tried while purchasing suits for different occasions. However, before you pick any of the brand for your purchase don’t miss to check immense variety available with the company and finalize the one which suits your taste and style the best.

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Hop on the ugly sweater train

They are all the rage, ugly Christmas sweaters that is.

Seriously.. people have parties devoted to them, it is serious business. I would totally go to one, I just need an invite *hint hint people*.

I decided to show you all some of the funniest ugly sweaters courtesy of the great WWW.


  1. Thanks to icustomfit on Etsy you can wear this awesome “Hotline Bling” sweater featuring Canada’s very own Drakes awesome sauce dance moves. It is only $15 CAD (plus taxes and shipping)
  2. For the crazy cat lady (or gentleman) my I suggest this amazing “Catzilla” sweater from I laughed way to hard when I saw this one. At $59.99 it is a pretty steep price to pay for an ugly sweater, but it’s hilarity is worth it.
  3. I can’t say this sweater is as ugly as it is AWESOME.. I mean who wouldn’t want to wear a He-Man and She-Ra sweater for Christmas??  You can snag your very own over at and it will run ya from $35-$41 plus taxes and shipping.


Fall Fashions 2011

It’s that time of year again, pumpkin spice season.. I mean fall.  Yes fall is among us and that means it’s time to put away the cute little sundresses and flip flops and bust out the jeans, over sized sweaters and scarves.

I have been looking at the trends for fall (for real life..not runway) and it seems to be much of the same as previous years.  If you are looking for something casual and cozy then reach for a pair of skinny jeans or leggings and pair them with an over sized sweater. Add some chunky booties a printed scarf and your favorite bangles and you have a no fail stylish ensemble.



Looking for something with a little more flare? Take those same skinny jeans and pair with a white v-neck t-shirt and add some attitude with a leather (or pleather) jacket and some “I mean business” boots. Don’t forget to add your favourite accessories like a statement purse or clutch and you are ready to go.



If you are looking for something a little more fancy look no further than a simple long sleeve wrap style dress. This style flatters all shapes and sizes and is easily dressed up (or down) with the right accessories. For a special event pair the dress with a cute pair of strappy heels and a beautiful necklace and you are all set.


Fashion really is in the eye of the beholder. What I think is a perfect outfit may be completely hideous to you. Just remember to have FUN with your clothes. Try to not get so overwhelmed by all of the choices and the “latest and greatest”. Once you have the basics covered you can mix and match to create entirely new looks every day.

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